Thursday, January 29, 2004
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A dose of corn

It's Thursday now, though I guess because of the fact that blogger is an American company, the log shows 'Wednesday 28th' on this account too. Can't be helped. I'm not in any kind of a crazy mood now... sort of mellow, sort of quiet... i guess that happens to me too, sometimes. Actually, most of the time. I'm not really any kind of a great Living Animal, full of zest and gung-ho, looking forward to the next bout of excess... not an escapist either. Sensei, back in Calcutta (that's one of my friends called Bivas) attributes a lot of balance to my character because of my quieter moments... and sometimes it feels good to take all the credit for being a good liver.

I live well, I tell myself. I live well.

I think that one of the reasons I really appreciate my time spent in Chennai is because it has given me such a fantastic opportunity to branch out. In spite of the boiling heat and the never-appearing bus and the ass hole auto drivers and all the other reasons why so many of my friends here hate the city - it seems strangely out of character to utter a mushy remark like 'I love it all... because it gave me an opportunity to meet all these different, wonderul people!' That sounds like a cue for a 'Chickensoup for the soul' GROUPHUG (Copyright), says my sarcastic self, but it's quite true really.

I love all of this because of the intense freedom it has afforded me - the will and the way that I have lived my life for the past six months now. Sips of Appy, bites of home-cooked Maggi, homemade ice cream sundaes up on the ninth floor, experiments with Weikfield jelly, chicken biryani at Madras Kitchen, latenight movies at Sathyam, cramped auto rides with upto 6 people, dancing crazily on spiked cold drinks, movie shows on my comp till 2 am... the list simply goes on. I suppose I could give it a kind of name... something like the Chennai Experience, or something corny like that. I guess that would go very well, with the weird corny mood I'm in right now.

Don't knock the importance of corn, though. Kellogs made a fortune out of it.


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