Thursday, January 29, 2004
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Sense and silliness

It's amazing how such silly stuff like coming third in a current affairs quiz can get you so amazingly high - I suppose the fact that we came consistently last in the preceding quizzes had something to do with it. So, there we were - a group of us, chanting as we climbed back up the stairs to the computer labs, faces red with delight, smiling teeth and all... The description sounds very much like all those sappy Enid Blyton novels that I used to read when I was younger, and so I shall quit while I am still ahead. Let it suffice that you know how thrilled I was at the outcome of the mediocre quiz... Let it suffice to say that I was high, and Nelly could level no accusations of substance abuse at me. ;-)

I suppose I had better explain that part, at any rate, if I don't want the people who read this to think I'm a junkie. The fact is that I'm a life saver... my mother's old dreams of her son becoming a doctor have come true at last - even though I am bereft of any degree. The fact is that when people in my flat have a cold or a cough or a head ache or a fever or a body ache or in need of a witty remark or two, they come knocking on my door. I have the answers to them all - from cough syrup to stale internet humour. All of which prompt those heinous charges of drug peddling against me by a colleague possessing a lesser amount of charm, namely, Nelly.

Which reminds me, last night, Fernandes and I were hugely relieved to find out that both of us were your friendly neighbourhood narcissists. (But somehow, I think you'd have realized that even without me spelling it all out for you in big black letters.)

So, welcome to the rabbit hole. Fernandes, who's name is really Sharon, can be a neo Alice, if you like, and I think I'm the Cheshire Cat (it's the silly grin). Nelly is... Well... Nelly is a brand new character whom Lewis Carroll never had the imagination to conjure up - all of which make our real life rabbit hole much more splendid than that sorry montrosity of a Wonderland where mushrooms jostle for space with fat women wearing crowns with emblazoned hearts.

Don't come to my blog if you're looking for sense... I teach you to live right, and what's sense got to do with that?


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