Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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Welcome to the rabbit hole.

There's a special attraction to doing the kind of thing you're told not to. That's like a universal truth. Chatting in the computer lab when the fat/black man is not watching. Surfing porn on the net just before leaving for college, so that when you finally do arrive, your friends marvel at the goofy grin on your face. Sitting on somebody else's computer chair in the lab when he/she's not there and writing silly messages on the desktop. That's fun - in a curious, demented, whacko-jacko kind of way.

Or maybe being my room mate. How do I describe him to you? Well, I just did - curious, demented, whack-jacko kind of a guy. I think the only adjective I forgot to add was 'certifiable'. We have a kind of a war of words going on, as you might have guessed by now. I like to call him names, and he likes to hide my prescription pills. We like to call it a 'made-for-each-other' relationship.

I just went out and had a cuppa with my roomie - by the way, he's called Nelson - (Nelly, beg for the nice bloggers! Good boy, nelson... here, have a cookie!) - and he's my libido's conscience-keeper. Yes, we do funny things - especially when I'm not drugged. One of the funniest things we do is sit around in the ice cream parlour of our flat and talk about flagging love-lives and non-existent ones too. Sometimes, the teeny bopper called Fernandes joins us, and sometimes she has an ice cream too. Yes, we do funny things. Maybe we're funny people.

I like to think we're all 'living high'. I like to think we did an internship with the Buddha before joining ACJ and are experts on the Middle Path. I like to think Rhea Pillai was especially sweet on me and I know the Art of Living to a tee. I like to think I'm normal.

I like to think Nelly's normal too.


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