Wednesday, February 25, 2004
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Feeling antsy

Alright, I just have a few minutes left, as I'm already late for Business elective.. just had a teeny-weeny thought to share. It's a line from Sharon's blog - she wrote something about 'magnifying ants to death'.

In a way, that's life here at ACJ for us. I can almost imagine MJ, with her glasses and pepper hair looking down at us, miniature versions with six legs and cute antennae, and focussing a huge pair of magnifying glasses. 'Here comes the sun, whoa-oo-oo, here comes the sun.... it's alright... it's alright.'


The other scenario is more of a high-brow one. 'Making mountains out of mole-hills' kind of a thought. Magnifying anything beyond the right proportions manages to do that. The picture I now have is of Sharon being pumped and pumped full of hot air - Sharon, since the 'magnifying...' phrase was her creation - till she becomes this huge blimp and sails off into the wild blue yonder and finally bursts. Crash, boom, bang. And, yes, all that heartflush, headrush thingy of Nelly, too.

Sharon, please don't kill me.


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