Wednesday, February 25, 2004
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Fudging it

This blog entry is with the express purpose of introducing a certain person who drives me batty saying I should talk about her sometime in my blog, instead of giving undue coverage to the megalomaniacs who inhabit my flat - but then to megalomaniacs there's really no such thing as 'undue coverage' - and so, without further adieu and enhancing the already sizeable size of this blog entry, I shall hasten to utter the very simplistic name of non-megalomaniac Deepa Rajan.

One down, one to go.

The second objective I had in mind was to publicize a certain practice of mine that I frequently used to indulge in Calcutta, whenever I was not in a partcularly social frame of mind. Namely, look deep into a glass full of water and twirl it.

Try it sometime. It's perhaps the most hypnotic spectacle you might ever see. I can't explain it, can't say why it had that strange fascination for me. But whenever my friend the Sensei caught me at it, he would touch my shoulder lightly and with a smile on his face, ask me what I was thinking about... aaa, I miss those guys ... twirling waters... they looked beautiful to me.. I don't know what the shrink would say if you told him about my practice, why don't you find out? isn't there any sexy self-help website called shrink dot com?

May be I should log in. The equivalent of being admitted - at least, I'm bound to see a lot of friendly faces in there. that most esteemed individual who has been hounding me for an honourary mention in my blog and who has finally been gratified (I hope!), namely, Deepa Rajan, will probably have soup with me every night for dinner.

(Or maybe, she likes fudge.)


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