Wednesday, February 04, 2004
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Funny mood and funny diatribe

I'm pissed off majorly now. Calm, but pissed off. Nelly and Sharon watching over my shoulder won't make me any less pissed off... Sharon just said something about the two of them being angels come down to hell, and i didn't give what she said a damn... ho hum... fee fo fum... Why am I so majorly pissed off? Well, when you get to be this unimportant cub reporter for a thoroughly unimportant organization, you'll get - in part - what I'm talking about. I'm not even a cub reporter - just a poorman-inthemaking, and ACJ is not even an organization - it's a Nikesweatshop-meets-MissionariesofCharity wannabe.

I told you I was pissed off - what did you expect, if not the truth?

Now if I were really taking those drugs that Nelly sez I do, I would pop a couple in my mouth and tell myself to calm down. Breathe easy... deep breaths... drops of Nasivion or otrivin or Zoamet (GAWD! I do sound like a massive druggie at times!)... and then a bout of some good music... not even the calming classical crap that Bivas introduced me to once upon a time - no, now I have that silly ass Punjabi flat mate of mine who's hooked me onto a certain Marshall Bruce Mathers III who screams out obscene diatribes against his mother, 'faggot' father, and all the White Americans to boot... I don't hold out much hope that he has an iota of affection for Blacks, hispanics and South asians either... but i still listen to him 'cleaning out his FILTHY closet'...

I try to be funny. When I'm angry or pissed off, I think I succeed pretty well... but then, you'd have to agree with me when i'm in this weird mood... otherwise I'd get my pal the Ralph the Sicilian to come and kill you... after spraying you with hashish, of course.


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