Wednesday, February 18, 2004
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Gettin 'Peppy' with it

I was feeling decidedly peppy last night and I don't know why. That happens to me sometimes, inexplicably enough. One moment I'm feeling decidedly lower than Atlas with all his crap, and in the next I'm feeling giddy and feel like leaping from cloud to cloud. That happened to me on the night of V-day, and it happened again last night.

I remember there was this time when I reached alarming proportions of peppiness during the busride to ACJ, so much so that poor Kunal - who was sitting next to me - actually winced. Not all of his half-baked insults and taunts could compell the peppiness to dissipate, however. That happens sometimes, too. And though I might pity the poor devils who have to take me in these moods, there's no way I'm going to stop plunging myself wholeheartedly when the mood comes around knocking.

There's a special joy in that. ;-)

They adopted a kitten next door last night - sort of - and i just couldn't stop singing Smelly Cat in the best imitation of Phoebe Buffay that I could muster up. There's something quite rhythmic in that song, really - something sole-searching... When I sing it, you might want to advance on me with your shoes like Kunal did on the steps last night.

Thankfully, they weren't the outrageously shiny white specimens that he dug up from some flea market sale in Old Delhi, and for which he spins questionable odes of epic-proportion nowadays.

Or, you might be even more vicious, and break into a little jig of your own, like my other lunatic flatmate, the Tam-bram does.


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