Monday, February 16, 2004
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I must be getting old and mellow

Last night I saw this Brit movie called 'Love Actually', starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and half of the of the Brit movie industry. It was actually pretty good - the odd thing would have been if they had phuqed (stole that one from Nelly's blog) it up with the cast they had! As the name says, it was a love story - and even one of those disgustingly sappy love stories, the ones I so love to breathe sarcastic dragon-fire at.

Surprise, surprise, I actually liked the movie. Loved 'Love...', actually. (groan! ok, I'll give up the silly puns! ) All the way back, Pantu and I were crooning "I feel it in my finger/ I feel it in my toe-oo-ooo-ees/ Christmas is all around me/ and so let it snoo-ooo-ooow!" Go figure it out - watch the damn movie for yourself.

I think I'm getting old and mellow. True, I was examining every single female member of the cast from a purely lusty, carnal point of view, and inevitably discovered shortcomings in every single babe - one was too plump, the other too flat, the other too bad, one more too strong-jawed, and one too old - but the fact remains that I was actually singing that sappy song with Pantu in the overcrowded auto back home.

I must be getting old and mellow.

I wonder if I'm starting to hanker for love. I've always been of the opinion that I don't have time for love now (ah, but sex is a totally different matter altogether) and there's time galore for all that, when I'm more or less decently established with a job paying a more or less decent salary. So, what's changed now? I've always had female friends who hankered for love around me before and I've always made silly comments about sappy sentiments. I've always had some friend give me advice on love and sex - though with Nelly, I think I've touched a new high, or low, depending on how you look at it - so what the hell is new now? I loved 'Love...', actually.

I must be getting old and mellow. Thankfully, my one-liners are still crappy - small mercies.


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