Sunday, February 15, 2004
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It's about gutter width

For those of you who care, this is being pre-written on Word before I actually upload it tomorrow. For the record, this is Saturday the 14th of February, that day people generally look upon askance as Valentines Day, and I’m sitting here in a half-deserted computer lab that still manages to be a very noisy class indeed. ACJ will do that to you…

There are a lot of things going right in my life now, and a lot of things going not-so-right too. I guess that’s life. Saw this neat blog entry by that silly ass Kunal, which was very ‘cute’ and ‘chweet’ and ‘mushy’ – but was actually very nice, indeed. Kind of reminded me about my earliest memories too – gawd! That sounds SOOO yucky touchy-feely – too much to describe! A chauvinist till the last, that’s me.

I don’t even remember my first day at school, like Kunal does. Just some vignettes. Some old lady teacher who would jerk me hard when I used to play games in class… then this fat principal with the most frightful black glasses that screamed out ‘Jacqueline Kennedy’ loud… my many girlfriends on the swings and the slide. I wonder if I ever used to sneak a peek up some frilly skirts at that time in my life… ;-) Probably not – I was a very well-behaved kid who rarely got into trouble, harrumph, HARRUMPHHH… except when that horrible old lady felt the need to jerk me hard.

Oops, I just realized the horrible connotations of that last line.

Aw, get your minds off the gutter.

I don’t think anybody can call this childhood remembrance story ‘cute’ and ‘chweet’ and ‘mushy’ by any extremes. I don’t know how on earth you’d classify this one, really.


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