Wednesday, February 11, 2004
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Just inanities

I'm feeling very happy right now - almost rejuvenated. We just came back from winning this current affairs quiz and even took a snapshot of the group and all! The others found it all pretty hilarious, but it was actually a lot of fun... for the first time, the whole group connected - we all answered a whole lot of questions - instead of just one or two people hogging the limelight... yes, and that does feel good.

More on the joint editor front... I'm afraid i may turn out to be a bit imperious, but then I reason that a joint has to exercise a fair degree of control on his board. These people are my friends, and I have to be firm with them - or run the risk of being run over. (I dare say that's what Hitler said to himself while forming the Third Reich,.. but I won't think of that now.) I hope I'm being a good joint - I don't want people to think i'm too bossy... but I want my ship to be well run too. I hope I reach that balance soon.

Hmmm... haven't seen Deepa all day. She's gone out reporting. Neyha's not here either - she's still in bangalore, probably eating death by chocolate... grrr... bitch ! ;-)

I'm bored now - that happens far too much with me these days - so I think I'll sign off, instead of writing inane stuff like this. Ciao. I hope to be back later.


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