Tuesday, February 03, 2004
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Newsbreaker: Crazy Sharon on top of things

I'm not sure what more to write about - though I still haven't received the notification in the mail, informing me that I won the Nobel prize for literature. I guess I'll have to get by. Look at Sharon - she does. she wrote something deeply introspective about some fish jumping up to the sun... something in which I think she's talking about her life. I like stuff like that - simple and unassuming. Actually, that's why i like Sharon too. In spite of the sexy name, she's simple and unassuming... (god knows she'll kill me for saying that.)

She's been behind my back for almost five days now to write something nice about her in my blog. Personally, I'm not so sure about the 'nice' part - writing something spicey is so much more fun. If i told you Sharon was this strange woman who had come from some obscure corner of Mumbai, who sways to herself even when there's no music, who's got this one crooked teeth on her lower jaw that curves inwards and looks quite wicked, who's got a lot of white hairs jostling for space with a couple of black ones, who keeps muttering 'fee fo fum' as soon as it's eight pm and goes about in search of some meat, who's caught on film doing weird things with her hair, who once looked down the pants of my harmless Punjabi flatmate (ok, so i lied, he's harmless only if you're a US marine armed with magic weapons), and who rushes about the windy ninth floor of my apartment screaming "You're hopeless! Hopeless! Remember that!".... well, if Sharon was all of that stuff then it would be so much more fun now, wouldn't it?

Ok, here comes the good part - Sharon is exactly all of that stuff... and more. The 'more' I can't say, cuz I'm not sure whether any minors will see this site or not.

I'm really not sure whether she'll kill me on seeing this particular post, or jump on top of me to give me a hug... I'm not particularly sure that it doesn't come to the same thing, to tell the truth!


Love you, Fernandes.


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