Sunday, February 08, 2004
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No idea, but living high all the same

So I saw DDLJ last night. It was quite an exciting moment for me... like a walk under an avenue lined with cedar trees, back into time. I'm going to stop trying to be poetic - I'm no good at it... I'll leave all that stuff to the Vin Man, or Sharon. The other day, Sharon was sitting on my bed and explaining the finer nuances of haikus to me and Nelly (or is that Nelly and I?) It was actually pretty interesting stuff.

Like this one about some old man standing in his 'loose suit' outside a building that bears his name. According to Sharon, it's all about the passage of time - there's this old man, whom time has forgotten - the hour of his victory has gone and now he's just an old man in an old suit, looking up at this swanky building all humming with life and energy, which has no place left for him... or it could be about incredulity at the new turn of things - a representative from an old era come to gape at something of the new age... or it could mean the intense pride of a parent towards the child, the offspring... no reason why we must always look at the sad part of moving time...

I said I'd stop trying to be poetic... well, I shall now.

Just for the record, people, I've added a new blog account to my chain - look down to the right where it says anonymous. That's going to be the column for blogs of people I've never even met or talked to, but whom I've come across on the net by chance, and which I really like. So far, there's just one in that column - it belongs to some guy called Richard, and it happens to be real nice. I'd advise all you people to look it up. (You'd think that I get paid for all this PR work, but no, I still get by on the back of my non-existant journo-in-the-making's salary.)

Signing out now. I think I'm happy now - but I have no idea why, really.


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