Sunday, February 15, 2004
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The one with the long sentences

First things first: I'm going to start this entry off with a disclaimer. I have been accused of going through my pals' blogs and writing nasty comments about them in my own entries - and that too, more than once - so that of course requires a most vehement disclaimer.

Get your reasoning caps on, people:
I hereby declare that any and all mentions in the said blog are to be considered in a light vein of mind and not heinous or caluminous or perchance scandalous, in accordance with the author's purity of mind and motive, intentions and practices, except in such cases where the intention to be abusive is most clearly stated as in a clear 'I shall hereby be abusive and am meant to be taken seriously when I proclaim that... yada yada yada...' so that no further doubts may remain in the mind of the prospective reader, and insofar that the particular blog entry deals with the most hallowed subject of sex wherein the room mate of the estemed blog author is advised to keep his mouth shut but all others may revel in the genius flippantry of the said author and acknowledge the gospel truth of his words.

I, esteemed blog-author, hereby take the Blog Authors Disclamatory Oath.

By the way, Valentines day was actually pretty cool. Went out with Deepa and Kunal and a lot of other guys/gals/asses to this great place in Nandanam that served the most divine Continental food, of which I partook of the Lasagne with Chicken and rounded off my voracious dinner date with piping hot walnut brownies and vanilla ice cream, laced with gooey chocolate sauce.

This is the entry where my fingers labour to find a full stop, in vain.


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