Monday, February 23, 2004
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Smiling goofy

I have a very goofy smile, and if you've seen me in person or pics, you'll realise just how true I am. There was this invigilator in one exam who, while collecting admission forms, suddenly stopped to pat my head and comment, "You should always keep on smiling like this!" There was my e-friend living half way across the world who said one fine day that my smile was definitely one of those to make heads turn - "bring sunshine in the room" were his words.

Alright - I'm actually not trying to blow my trumpet so hard here - I can't help it if it all comes so naturally, guys. So bear with me...

The point is - I have a weird, goofy smile. In a way, that shouldn't be allowed. There was this old guard at ACJ who had this psycho grin stuck perennially on his face, and I would go on cracking jokes about it to Neyha - and then, she would turn around and say, 'Hey, boss - have you looked in a mirror lately?' When my passport photo is passed around the table, there are peals of laughter about the smile plastered on my face. It takes a lot of hard work to appear happy on a passport photo - and I pass the test with flying colours! Damn!...


I love my goofy smile, though. It gets me compliments - and insults that are actually compliments. It gets me incredulous stares as to how on earth I can be so f***ing happy when my love life is pretty much in shambles and my professional life has got millions of deadlines to meet. It also gets me goosebumps when I finally do follow Neyha's advice and look in the mirror.

;-) again.


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