Tuesday, February 03, 2004
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Some crazy stuff

Anyway, this is where I re-enter the blog. Like the all-conquering hero or something. Aragorn in Lord of the Ring... Tom in 'Tom and Jerry' (and yes, the cat is still my favourite, even though that blasted mouse has smarts!).... I cant think of any other great big heroes... at least, any that matter... could I add the fat guy(s) in the comp lab who downloads porn? - that swagger is highly self-assured... i guess porn will do that for you.

I'm the city reporter this week for The Word. I suppose its okay... but I was just lusting after being joint editor, thats all... or mebbe, any kind of an editor... I haven't touched a quark page so long, it's like a quirk! (ok, bad pun there - seriously BAD!) For the uninitiated, Quark (Version 5, as long as we're being technically correct here) is this software we use to lay out newspaper pages... all that gizmo stuff that i'm not supposed to be very good at. Don't ask me why I'm bitching about it now... when I regain some of my senses.

Borrowing from my crazy roomie, the bootlegger, ... 'more in the morrow'. They say imitation is thebest form of flattery, but we know better, don't we, roomie?


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