Monday, February 09, 2004
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Try being King

I saw a great entry by Deepa in her blog the other day - it wasn't something highly literary, so don't worry overmuch about not 'getting it'... just something highly profound about a kidnapper tickling his victim's feet and then letting her go... (don't raise your eyebrows at me - i just report them, don't write them!)

Then of course, I took a peek at Sharon's stuff... I don't particularly understand what she's talking about, though ... something about circles.. somewhere in the middle of it all, I guess she was selling herself as the centre of the universe, but then we egoists do it all the time, 24-7, so there's nothing new in that. My newly honed (?) journalistic skils (?) would try in vain to find what is called in dumb-speak a 'story angle' in it.

By the way, I've decided that this particular entry is going to be a commentary on the entries in my friends' blogs. I always wanted to be this bitchy critic who has ample space to air his purely subjective views, and thanks to blogger, I now have that priviledge. So sue me, people...

Nelly has a new entry too. It's something about the suicidal tendencies he has - again, stop looking at me like that... (never mind about the guilty conscience jazz)... if he's been helping himself into my medicine box, it's frankly not my problem. I just hope he doesn't get that 'urge' when he takes me out on a bike-education class... just call me Sympathy personified!

Silly ass Kunal's been lazy... 'I on Me and Myself' was brilliant, but there was nothing at all after that. No creativity, child.

Ditto with Vineeth. What are you people upto???

Pantu keeps typing some one-liners in her blog that don't make very coherent sense, but are lovable, just the same. I like you, Pantu... you're sweet ;-)

Boring... there's no one else left. O, yes, the anonymous Richard wrote something about being restless and loving black olives pizza. I've never had pizza with black olives, so I can't really comment on that.

On the whole, people - not a very inspiring performance today, was it? Chop, chop - how do you expect to earn my unbound admiration if the trend continues?

I want ice cream now.


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