Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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Good bye and good luck

I never had a friend before who

- Sang at the top of his lungs as if he were in a fairy tale; so what if he chose to play, not Prince Charming, but the Dragon.

- Spooled election figures of every state and union territory at the drop of a hat.

- Claimed to know everyone from the chaprasi to the Old Man himself at the DMK office, and was probably not fudging either.

- Scanned every one of my news reports and features anxiously, and announced an invariably favourable verdict, that might well have been fudged.

- Had a knack for 'very important' points.

- Thrust my pillow into the most unseemly of his body parts.

- Enraged me enough to kick at his door savagely for a full ten minutes, then sweet talked me into eating his mum's homemade laddoos.

- Dozed off in class right in front of the bewildered teacher, but then woke up in time to ask the foxiest questions.

- Never went to the Marina, in spite of being in Chennai for over 10 months.

Good bye Arun Giri. You were one of the highlights of Chennai 2003-2004.


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