Wednesday, March 03, 2004
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I'm a crumbly biscuit with bad coffee right now

I'm in a terribly lethargic mood right now, but then if you've ever been in the comp labs of ACJ, you'd know that it's the dominant mood here. We're like huge monitor lizards, basking lazily in the sun, content to rise up and plod along at intervals - vegetate in VB over soggy dosas or, closer to salvation, crumbly biscuits with bad coffee at the corner tea shop. I feel like having crumbly coffee with bad coffee at the corner tea shop right now.

That's because of this irritating voice at the back of my head which keeps on shrieking 'Miles to go before you sleep, you dumbf**k! '... little pixie... I'd like to take it by the scruff of ithe neck and boot it... somewhere, I saw something about a tshirt which had a slogan like "you're just jealous cuz the little voices can be heard in my head!"... I remember thinking how cute that was then and now I identify with it so completely now...

It's official, I've gone mad.

Just to put things into perspective: I've just got so much work to do -

1. A politics elective assignment on the intricacies of the 42nd and 44th constitutional amendment that has been pending for about a month now - probably on account of my not being able to get beyond the very scintillating subject - I hope you can understand bitter, vehement, angry, frustrated sarcasm when you read it.

2. A blooming report on the rollback of some stupid policy called CAS that should never have been implemented in the first place. Somebody kill me now.

3. Three f***ing chapters of my f***ing dissertation on the f***ing Tamil refugees from f***ing Sri Lanka. (There's also a disclaimer here somewhere in very fine print stating how I really don't mean anything mean to the f***ing nice refugees, so please don't feel f***ing bad, - so you can be very f***ing diligent and try to find it if you want to.)

4. ACJ has also invented this particularly wicked exercise called the IP to torment me. Though I think they originally meant those two innocuous initials to stand for something innocuous sounding like Investigative Project, there's a greater affinity in spirit with (say) Incrementing guilt ultimately culminating into Pathetic existance.

Now let me get my crumbly biscuit with bad coffee at the corner tea shop.


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