Thursday, March 18, 2004
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I'm still here

I'm still here.... The Two Towers can wait for a few hours... I'm still here.

A lot of my friends here have been doing the 'will-miss-you' bit as ACJ-closure comes nearer, and I haven't really indulged in any of that. I guess I've been a bit selfish and fixated on job prospects to really wonder about whether all of us will really keep in touch. I've met some amazing people here in Chennai and in that sense, the city has been good to me. I've tasted some amazing freedom here too, and maybe that's why the city has been so good to me.

I guess I'm doing my bit for the sentimental brigade by saying all this stuff here and now. I'll miss you guys - perhaps more than I tell myself now. I hope that ten years from now, I look back at ACJ and journalism with a twinge of pride and not a 'Damn-I-wasted-an-year-in-that-dratted-city-which-made-me-poor!' That would be sad.

But I'm still here... that almost sounds like a sappy line a lover would say in a sappy Hollywood movie. I can almost imagine the guy - blond hair and big shoulders holding onto this sweet, sexy thing, with auburn hair and the greyest eyes you ever saw... and it's snowing all about, so they're going to die and that's when he says the silly line - I'm still here.

(I can't help it... I've had a thing for auburn hair and grey eyes ever since I saw a dame with both on the cover of my mum's Mills and Boons.)


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