Friday, March 05, 2004
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The Ten Commandments

Am wondering a lot of things right now. Maybe it's an early morning thing:

1. Am I getting bald? (please don't answer that.)

2. Have I forgotten how to believe? (Santa Claus seems so far away now.)

3. Do I have a future?

4. Do I know anything at all about myself - other than that I'm an egotistical ass who makes crummy jokes and can write sorta good?

5. I wonder if anybody can see through my masks. I wonder if I can see through my masks.

6. Do I believe in God? Do I have any cogent idea at all as to how or why the world began? (I hate you, Sigmund Freud.)

7. When will I ever be in love? Would I know what to do when I ever find that I am in love? (and the physical stuff is the last thing on my mind right now.)

8. How did I ever get so mercenary? (I love money, probably because I don't have much.)

9. What will I do when I realize that I'm not young any more? (my sleep is denser than Rip Van Winkle's.)

10. Can i live forever?

Ten is enough for now. I need coffee now, and work. God, how I need work.


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