Saturday, March 13, 2004
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They call me a realist

If you want to see a great review on Return of the King, check out Cheryl's blog. I couldn't possibly improve on it.

I think I should write a book - 'My experiences with Middle Earth'. To which, my insane room mate would probably opine that thanks to my medicine closet, I'm perennially walking on Middle Earth. Can I help it if the plains of Dagorlad sound so much cooler than Anna salai?

(That last sounds as if somebody called Anna is shouting saala! at somebody... or may be he's eaten a bad salad and is now screaming at the chef.)

I've actually given up trying to convince the people I know and care for to give in to the greater philosophy of Tolkien. The Punjabi asked to borrow it once and returned it a week later, complete with sarcastic comment. The only reason he's still alive is that I'm too broke to hire a contract killer - and of course, if he were dead who would I torment nightly by waking at 2 am with my version of which Middle Earth battle I loved best... There's a method to my madness, insane room mate.

As for the Tam-Bram and the Nepali, I have absolutely no hopes. They call me a realist.

My only saving grace is that beautiful girl next door who is unfortunately in love with faggot Legolas. I shall however forgive her transgression - but only because of familial ties - she's my Chennai Special grandma, for crying out loud!

Gawd, i made that sound like a Vasantha Bhavan Special. Thursday - Gobi dosa. Friday - Chennai Special grandma. Deepa, are you flattered or hungry?

O yes, and Sharon the mad cap can't decide who she wants to marry - the sexy orc leader attacking Gondor, or the hooded nothingness (more politely called the Nazgul ) riding the dragon bird.

And she doesn't want to be an oliphaunt.

I'm not sure how all this makes sense, but I'm sure there's a hidden meaning to Sharon... somehwere.

They call me a realist.


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