Tuesday, March 23, 2004
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After grumbling for ages and ages about my boring politics elective assignment on the 42nd and 44th amendments of the Indian constitution, I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now. It's done and I'm still alive. Without listening to any music either.

Of course, my rumbling stomach reminds me that I haven't had any lunch because of that cursed assignment but then I don't mind all too much - maybe my brain is on 'diet mode' and may be I'm dumb - because the end result is really not that bad. In fact, I quite like the style of the boring old political monologue. I think I'm hobnobing with Tam-Bram too much. We have too many of those discussions late at night on his bed, the strains of music from my computer next door filtering through...

Don't listen to a word I say - I'm mad. And hungry. Which essentially mean the same thing.

I'm reading this new book nowadays, which I'm sure everybody has been seeing. After weeks of carrying that volume on dead prime ministers around with me, anything would be an improvement, I'd warrant. But no, this book is seriously a good one. It's the first Indian English SF book I've ever seen, a delectable cocktail of everything from Tolkien to the Ramayana to the Arabian Nights, written in a flowing, funny style that is so completely compelling. The author happens to be from my city - only an year older than me, an alumni of a college where I was accepted but which I turned down.

Yes, the guy reminds me so much of me, eternal egoist that I am. The guy gives me so much hope. This is what i want to be doing ten years from now. This. Writing beautiful stories that people love and earning handsome royalties.



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