Monday, March 22, 2004
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This is my swan song

The world is young and I've become prematurely old. And morbid too, judging from the starting line of this entry. I don't know why I said that - maybe because I don't listen to music anymore while working on the computer. My multi-tasking destiny has finally come to naught. And I have been condemned to leading a life wherein typing a boring report means precisely that - typing a boring report. No songstress to seduce while while my fingers play.

Alright, that had definite erotic undercurrents.

But I shall steer clear of such currents, since I have been accused of loading up on vodka and a year's subscription of Playboy before I sit down to blog. This, from yours truly, my mad cap compatriots, Nelly and Sharon. They care for me, they say - and would rather not see me turn into a deranged sex-starved maniac, wheeling and dealing in suggestive lingo.

Would someone please tell them that it's far too late?

(I hope MJ or anybody else never sees this... excuse me while I crawl back under my rock to type a boring report... with no music.)


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