Monday, March 15, 2004
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Thrill me, kill me, chill me, pill me

Internship is bringing the hives upon me.... sort of like Woogie, the jilted boyfriend who goes psycho in 'There's something about Mary'. Not the most flattering comparison, I know, but I hardly feel any better. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that nobody I know has a huge shoe collection for me to pinch... shit, Nelly has about 10 pairs.

I don't know what scares me the most - being without a job, or going back to that proverbial family fold after having scored a zilch. I know I'm being pessimistic here - and no, I won't spout any of that crappy 'realist' jazz I did in the earlier entry - so God please help this old sinner and send a lightning bolt down or something.

Onto happier topics. I went to VB's today and had a coffee, without storming off like I did yesterday, inspite of being served late again. Kudos for self control. But then, storming out had its own advantages - namely, delicious jalebis on a leaf.

No, I'm not really a brahmin walking around a village asking for alms and eating food off a banana leaf... though, courtesy this blooming profession, that banana leaf thing might not be too far off.

Yes, I whine a lot. I'm also self-absorbed, childish, trivial, vicious, tantrum-kid and spoilt. There's no way you can't not love me.

This is a disclaimer: Anything and everything said above is denied forthwith as having ever been typed by the fingers of the author of this blog, who believes in a beautiful life with no whining, so you can't really sue me in a court of law.

I'm crossing my fingers and watching out for shooting stars desperately.


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