Friday, March 19, 2004
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Towering Thoughts

I'm going to talk about The Two Towers again, and you could expect no less from me as I just saw the movie again last night. I have to see Return of the King one more time at least to make up my mind about which is better, but without a doubt, Towers... is brilliant.

Towers... made me believe in good things - as cliched as that may sound. When the orcs attack Helms Deep and defeat is imminent, it is in the volte face of Theoden King's defeatist mood that you rejoice. When the riders move out of the inner sanctum, onto a vast sea of orcs ranged about them, with nothing to go for them except sheer valour and grit, that's the moment when you feel a lump in your throat. Gandalf's entry in the scene is brilliant, something from a biblical embroidery almost, as the Rohirrim leap onto the orcs with the White Wizard shimmering at the lead... but it is doubtless the moment when Theoden and Aragorn lead out their flimsy cavalry that you marvel in Man.

I guess I'm a sucker for the underdog.

There's another scene in that movie which moves me - Sam's speech to Frodo after the Nazgul's attack on Osgiliath. He talks about the greatest stories on earth, the ones that really mean something, all having so many instances where the hero could have given up and deserted his destiny. But he persevered and the world was a better place because of that. And what are we holding on for Sam , Frodo asks - that there's still some good in this world, Mr Frodo, some good that's worth fighting for.

Truer words could never have been spoken.

Tolkien is a philosophy - imbibe him.


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