Thursday, March 04, 2004
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The Universal Law of Plummage

I just ate a crumbly biscuit with surprisingly good coffee and it's done wonders for me. I wonder if you remember that funny BRU ad that came on the air eons back, with some dude coming back from work and having sex with his wife/lover (the ad that first got Mallaika Arora-Khan noticed) and then the two of them sipping coffee together... well, though I didnt have sex, the rejuvenation was quite brilliant for me.

Yuck... now what does that say about my sex life, nonexistant as it is?

It's a given. When I'm down, I'm in a vitriolic state of mind, writing bitchy things about not-so bitchy people - and when I'm in a goofy mood like I am now, i go nuts. May be uncontrollably so. I don't think this ever happened to me back in Cal - I think it's a Chennai phenonmenon - this strange out-of-control, almost steroid-induced sappiness.

I sing songs out real loud as I climb up the stairs, feel like jumping high when I'm walking down the road, make silly faces and stick my tongue out at mad cap Sharon even while she does the same to me, do obsecene gestures with my fingers when I'm rapping with Nelly and Eminem... Chennai has either liberated me or insanified me.

I don't think that's a word, but you get the general idea.

When in Rome, practise wearing plumes on your head. When in the loony bin, be goofy. It's like a universal law, or something.


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