Saturday, May 01, 2004
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Dragonfly breath

What was that I mentioned earlier about waiting to harpoon a whale? How about a dragon instead? Dragon expresses the mood better. You know they're bigger, definitely look more ferocious than a blubbery mammal, and the best part is that you also know they're fictional. So as you stand there atop your hill straight out of Camelot, lance at the ready, waiting for the kill - you know you'll be waiting for ever.

Welcome to, the scrip that teases you. (ouch!)

Saturday mornings meant to be sunny and bright, cheery and nice (don't ask me what sappy 50's song I picked that up from) and here I am on this great Saturday morning in office, typing a soul-searching, gut-wrenching (!!!) account for my blog, cuz my boss hasn't showed up for the extra assignments I'm supposed to be doing. And yeah, in spite of all that, you tend to agree with that blues singer that What A Wonderful World. (Just barely!)

Again, I'm trying to think up lyrics of some songs, but can't get anywhere. Damn. You'd think with the link to on my page I'd be far more eloquent, but guess what? Bluebirds have limits too.... I guess that sounds very gay - ouch!

Hey Nelly, you homophobe! Just thought about you.


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