Thursday, April 29, 2004
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How big is that yawn in the window?

They say that you need a particular time to blog. A particular frame of mind, in that you sit down on your high-backed chair, which may be plush or not, leather-backed or foamed, revolving or not, and let your fingers touch the keyboard. A particular sight that greets your eye, so that as you write, you can evoke all the sensory perceptions available to you at that moment and course through them before you on the screen. A particular idea that lights you up maybe with a smile, maybe with bewilderment, or sadness, or disbelief, or enchantment. And you begin to type.

I say: Necessity is the mother of all invention.

I have nothing more to do with F&O figures. I've mailed everybody who hasn't got a restraining order out on me. I'm bored.

Ergo, I blog.

If I were Descartes returned to torment a whole new generation of hapless souls with terribly complex mathematical proofs, I would grin smugly and pronounce 'I blog, therefore I am.' How sad is that!

Never mind the answer.


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