Monday, April 12, 2004
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I'm going to have Midas' Ears

The main thing on my mind right now is whether I made the right decision by opting for journalism. I'm not feeling greedy at this point of my life, but hell, what if I do? I found the idea of Nelly giving up his 30k job with Star for the mingy course at ACJ quite prepostrous - with that sort of an attitude how the hell am I going to last in this business?

I spoke yesterday with a close friend and I told him that the day I get greedy I'll pick up a CAT form on the way home from work. I'm in it for the money, honey. At least in the CAT race - that part is clear. What am I in the journo maze for? There are times when the answer to that seems so lucid, and there are times when I have to scratch my head and try to be a soothsayer. I feel proud about the damn website that we made; the investigative project that made me see the inside of a police station; the refugee dissertation that I busted my balls on; the food review at cornucopia that I pored through Guardian reviews for. I'm glad I did all that, and I feel proud because of all that. But will that be enough to live on?

Yes, I know the money's good to scrape by. I'll be happy, I can pay my bills. But how much will I save, really? What if I get married? What will I feed the little chemical brothers - peanuts? At that point, I guess Nelly and I can seriously make that Chimp Bros rap video!

Gawd! I'm being stupid and dumb and flippant.

And dumb again.

I'm going to give myself six years. I'm going to see where it gets me. I'm going to hope and pray that I am happy with my choice, that I can be financially independent with my choice. At the end of six years, if I'm greedy then I'm going to try for the MBA again.

Dammit - just how big were Midas' ass ears anyway?


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