Tuesday, April 27, 2004
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Just another Manic ... um,... Tuesday

If Celine dion were here, she'd probably croon over my shoulder how A New Day has Begun... and I would probably give a rejoinder of... I don't know, something like Gettin' Jiggy With It (?)... ouch!

Welcome to just another Tuesday at the portal, c/o Moneycontrol Inc... SCRIPtease Inc if I had my way, but then we'll let that stay for some time now. Waiting with bated (?) breath for the markets to open, ready to key in an opening report with lightning (?) speed, anticipating the heaped praises (?) from boss lady... After a while in this place, you begin to treasure your dreams all the more... sigh.

College mode still hasn't worn out completely... still day dreaming a bit about the 'good ole days', still logging onto the acjournos group now and then to smile at the messages. Still grumbling about working hours and waking hours, still haggling with auto drivers (though methinks we have finally got the rates right, or is that a vain hope?)... gosh, this sounds too much like an earlier mail.

I can imagine Celine shaking me hard and yelling: GROW UP! Hell, no, Sharon did that to me yesterday... thanks, babe.


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