Saturday, April 10, 2004
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Live high and prosper

It's been ages since I last blogged - guilty as charged. What began as a sort of a funny exercise in ACJ has come to mean a lot to me - a kind of window into my friends, a kind of window into my self. Bear with me - first blog after leaving Chennai and all that, so this one is bound to be pretty sappy.

I'm finally back in Calcutta, and yet Chennai feels like an hour or so back. Seemed so soon that Nelly and Sanjaya helped me push my stuff into the call taxi. After that, it's a whirl - gald to have Nisha with me on the journey - her solid Maru sense made sure that we were not fleeced (overmuch) by the coolies. Read my book through most of the train journey, apart from melting habitually from the heat. Sent a coupla messages to Nelly and Sharon that were never replied to... I love you guys... there I said it... in true sobby Oscar-acceptance-speech style.

Read a blog entry from Deepa today - and realized how much ACJ helped me to grow... how much all the guys I met there helped me to grow. Somebody expressed regret that Delhi would turn out to be yet another ACJ, but hell, I wish that were even partly correct! I can't believe I'm gonna miss Sreekumar! Talk about sappy entries.

Anyway... more later, when I'm not blubbering. I have decided that I'm not going to abandon this blog just because the Chennai chapter of my life is closed... and I hope that none of you are going to stop blogging either. To you guys then - and to us - I hope all of us continue living high.


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