Wednesday, April 28, 2004
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Mellow Me

In a way, the novelty of Delhi and moneycontrol is on its way to wearing out. I'm not sure how much more eloquent (!) I could get on this teeming city, or on the gruelling sessions atop Videocon Towers. I make myself sound like a Roman galley slave - way too much melodrama for one damn job.

On the topic of melodrama then, how about

- ballerina all in pink fluff, dancing on tippy toes to her lover.... the fat woman behind the curtain screeching her lungs out in an Italian opera my ears cannot discern for loss of feeling...

- big baboon astride Videocon Towers with damsel-in-distress in one hand and a bunch of genetically mutated super-bananas in the other - it's an ad for vitamin (whatever, A,B,C,...Z) bananas are meant to have... get the right kind of banana and you get the whiny babe.

- Master and Commander sailing the seven seas till he finds LAND! LAND! LAND! So who cares if it's the West Indies and not the East ones...?

- Hero dies at mommy's foot and is reincarnated as her golden retriever to guide old lady when she becomes blind and infirm... I'm not one for the sympathy treatment, am ?

- coquetish Southern belle goes AIYOO RAMA at the sight of big mustachioed highway-man and the two live happily ever after, robbing people.

- guy saves gal by defeating a hundred agents of Codename: DR EVIL in death-defying kick-boxing stunts and machette-manhandling, all as a result of some intense mind-exercises with Dr Choo Choo at the Beijing Open University of Death-defying Kick-boxing Stunts and Machette-manhandling. Codename: DR EVIL never had a chance - he went in for the economy two-day workshop instead of the whole week course.

Did I specify that I would make sense in this entry?


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