Monday, April 26, 2004
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Much ado about nothing

I feel like a harpooner, waiting for a frikkin huge whale at the moment... moby dick, be damned! Waiting, waiting, waiting... Never thought in my wildest dreams earlier that my life would be so intricately woven with the goings-on at the stock market... that tells you a lot about never expecting what you want in life, and wanting what you never expected.

Aaaaa... philosophy, be damned.

Among the things I brought over to Delhi from Chennai,

1. a laugh that people say reminds them of hyena-giggles during mating time.
2. DA! DA! DA! And no, that's not Russian.
3. a singular affinity for auto rickshaws and cut throat auto drivers.
4. may be a dose of idealism, and then may be not even that.
5. a thirst for vodka and sprite... hic!

I didn't bring much, did I? Not even a harpoon.


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