Monday, April 19, 2004
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Spiked drinks, hair and white shoes

I haven't come here in a long while - strange, considering that I was the one exhorting everyone else to carry on blogging. That sounds like one of those crappy Carry On movies - Carry on Camping, Carry on Doctor, Carry on Blogging - gawd knows, it has most of the silly gags! If my voice was as deep as Arnie's, I'd probably bellow 'I'm back!'

I'll just squeak it out for the meantime.

Delhi is soooooo hot and dusty. In spite of all that bitching Neyha did about Chennai, I think I actually prefer it to this place... so far. It's not the work - hell, the work hasn't even started as yet, and I feel strange saying that, since there are so many of the ACJ crowd working like hell in their internships... Nelly for instance - I do hope he gets thru TOI - I'm pretty sure he will!

I have a new roomie here, and I guess the entire rigmaraole will resume. I probably sound gay when I carry on about Nelly and I in 2B - and I bet somebody out there is probably smiling wickedly right now - but hell, that experience was simply great. I'm going to miss that tea he used to brew.... better than the strongest port wine Sharon ever brought from Goa! I thought about all those months again the other day, listening to 40 cent (whats the damn name of the damn bugger? ) rap to 'In da club', and I wonder what on earth is going to happen to my limited but highly problematic sense of hip hop now that Chennai is over... o, well, that unsound un-Surd is still here anyway... in spite of his idiotic white shoes, there may still be hope.

All the guys in Delhi here have a penchant, it seems, for either Red hair (of course that deserved caps! ) or spiky hair. The other day, I was listening to Pantu elaborating on Delhi's dhik-chik culture and we both agreed that thankfully, the Owner of the White Shoes (Lanuk, or whatever crap he likes to call himself) has finally graduated away from that class.

I'm thinking of getting my hair spiked. Purely for the shock value, of course - no silly puns about White Shoe Wisdom here!


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