Saturday, May 01, 2004
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Beautiful, beautiful Life

Delhi was beautiful last night. It was past midnight, and I was walking back home from the Patel Nagar market junction and the smell of rain was everywhere. I had waded through the downpour some time back and revelled in it. The sight of that empty road, skies dry but ground wet with dewy drops was awesome. If I could write poetry, I probably would have.... It reminded me of so much.

Of that walk back home from the garage during winter in Cal. All bundled up in woolies, mum, dad and I, trudging back across empty streets that shone frigid in the winter night... i could see puffs of my own breath in front of me and pushed my hands deeper inside my coat... beautiful, beautiful Calcutta winter.

Of that time back in Chennai, when Nelly and Sharon followed me out on the street as I rushed off to make an STD to my folks, as a parting shot in yet another argument about money in this profession... I remember coming out of the phone booth, and Nelly there, suddenly thrusting an ice cream in my face - here, Nonsenseboy, have some! I think I laughed then - I certainly was touched... on that walk back home to warmth in Jains, as Nelly climbed the tree and Sharon and I laughed from beneath and the street urchin looked up at the tree after we had left - thinking that Nelly had gone up to retreive some great thing from up there.... I felt great that night - that night was beautiful, beautiful Chennai.

Of that day break in Mahablipuram, as I walked on the beach, towards the still-dark ocean rumbling before me... The sea wind was ecstacy, rejoicing in us and I was so, so happy... sitting on the rocks, as the sea lashed out beneath, as the Shore temple loomed up behind me... I loved hugging the wind then..... I loved feeling my pulse shoot and my blood thud and the wind whistle privately to me of a beautiful, beautiful life...


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