Friday, May 28, 2004
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Suddenly I'm stopping to watch the world.
Thinking about the people I've loved and lost, loved and gained.
The risks I've taken - admittedly, there are too few of them.
But I suppose this counts as one. The big decision.
The trickiest thing of course is to wonder what I'm feeling is real or not,
but then, take care not to wonder far too much or for far too long.
Admittedly, I have a tendency to fish in that deep end of the ocean for far too long,
fishing and yet coming up empty-handed.
And yet, here I have the chance and I have to ask myself what lies beneath - admittedly, very cheesy.
Suddenly, there's a rush, and it's glorious to get carried away by the gust.
Wonderful to feel your feet lifted off the ground, whirling and twirling and dancing with the sky.
I've never been one for the ballet but here I am.
Hoping I don't trip on my two left feet,
tripped by a smile and sunshine.
Hoping that this lift up to cloud 9 will continue.


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