Tuesday, May 11, 2004
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Blogging... in a way

There is something about writing a blog. Not in typing down whatever comes to your mind, perchance out of sheer boredom - but in actually sitting down one momentous day and going through blogskins and finally deciding - Yes, this shall be my first entry!

Or something as egoistic as that.

But what drives you on to make that decision?

For me, it was simply the realisation that writing a journal, as emotionally fulfilling as it was, was inordinately tiresome on the fingers. And so when the Kingdom of Blog was revealed to me via a couple of e-geeks in ACJ, I promptly donned my own geek convocation robes and picked out a blog skin.

Privacy issues didn't really figure in my 'cons' list. I was clear that if I were going to speak on something or somebody private, i would go for code words and their permission. In fact, I was really glad of the comments box when I incorporated it in the blog. Even with all the 'loss of privacy' arguments, to me, it was all about listening to what my friends had to say, talking to them, and in a way, even listening to what I had to say... Now, with the distance between so many of us, the blogs serve as a means of understanding what's happening in their lives and mine... in a way, that even the longest and most comprehensive email would not be able to beat.

In a way, all this is about living high...


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