Thursday, May 20, 2004
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Cooking up something

Memory lane has beautiful winding walkways, and I love to get lost in them at times. Like when you're having lunch at this make-shift Punjabi dhaba in this place labeled Jhandewala - as if this is where the rag-pickers come to haunt you till eternity - with all the people you used to meet in Chennai, all of which now seems eons ago... It strikes you that here you are with these people who would meet each other without you necessarily in the loop, and people whom you never saw in the same room together unless there was a blue moon shining up in the milky way.... and here they all are.

Ordering a uniform thaali for Rs 20 that is antiseptically perfect in its arrangement of kaali dal, jeera rice, aloo gobi, tomato puree with perfect cubes of milky-white paneer floating in it and the yuckiest raita this side of hell... all jostling for space, and you're not quite sure how to arbiter among all these different items (kind of like a dream out of Jughead's imagination?) till the waiter who is always late comes bearing this plateful of two huge tandoori rotis, and then you have absolutely no idea what to do about it all.

Unless you're me, in which case you promptly flail out your hand and topple the plate containing one and a half rotis on the floor, to the giggles and bewildered looks from the ACJ people you've been reminescencing about.

I wonder if I get enough respect around here.

Food for thought, wouldn't you say?


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