Friday, May 21, 2004
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Demon, Who?

I've been told that a demon possesses me each day when I set foot within the precincts of a certain Gupta da Dhaba in Jhandewala. Supposedly, my mouth opens a little wider like so, just enough to be able to fit my foot right in, and the most delicous nonsense you ever heard of starts spouting from within the labyrinth of my brain.


I've been told that demons do not exist, however, and am quite at a loss who to believe - it's somebody's fault for saying a whole lot of contradictory stuff and that (I think) is what causes so many paradoxes in the world - there's one of life's deepest, darkest mysteries soved right before you!

But even if demons did exist, from one strangely surreal twist of the forces of nature, wouldn't you think that they would have other, better things to do than in making me laugh and talk and joke? Terrible, terrible waste of demon-time, in my opinion! Laughing and talking and joking - and eating big mounds of foot! What will those wily demons think of next?!

There: it isn't lunch time, and it isn't Gupta da Dhaba, but you still got to see the demon in action.


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