Thursday, May 13, 2004
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Hormonal highs here

I'm enjoying the political circus so far. Bit of a heartburn - can't help feeling sorry for poor Vajpayee who couldn't retire from politics in style, and not really looking forward to Sonia With The Big Nose sitting on the kursi...

Call me a saffron-branding, trident-bearing maniac if you will. I'll just deny it.

But yes, the excitement - the sheer hormones! - here in the newsroom has been amazing. a continuous buzz - something like Nelly's famous 'headrush, heartflush' quote that so stunned me at the time! I'm a mole - I get high on work! I'm a maniac - they think I get high on tridents! (strictly for non-sexual use)

PLEASE don't even wonder where that last bit of trivia came from - I don't even want to travel down those dark paths of my demented, tormented brain...

Brain on a high, though.


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