Wednesday, May 05, 2004
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I can't think of a love song, though

It's a Wednesday morning and I'm writing on the latest moves of the US Fed - yippy doo da! But I'm happy, cuz it's just another manic Wednesday and I learnt that someone I love has fallen in love! It's a gorgeous, gorgeous world, people! People are falling in love! Now I sound like Louis Armstrong all over again - damn!

Sometimes I wonder wheher people really feel the way they write songs about. Sometimes I wonder whether people can really be so much in love as they say hey are. Could the movies possibly be fake? Heaven forbid! The experienced old fogies tell me it's all true... while it lasts. Nowadays I have plenty of these silly conversations with nutty Sharon who tells me what I ought to do if I want to steer clear of the arranged marriage bandwagon. I hope my subconscious is paying enough attention, even as I laugh at her for telling me things about myself I already knew.

She says it's brilliant letting somebody else fall in love with you - and having your moods linked so much with what he/she says and does and how he/she feels... Does that sound a bit too much like dependency, I wonder. But no, she says - and heck, a bit of dependence never hurt a guy in love! If you can depend on your family, why not on the one you're in love with, goes the catch-line.

So I decided, i'm going to give this love thing a whirl. Let's see how it works out. Let's remove the mental blocks and really try to experience it. Maybe I'll see a briliant rainbow like my friend is doing right now - maybe I'll become a heartbroken twit like the bugger on the window sill...

But hell, i'll give it a shot - hark back to the basic maxim of Living High.


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