Tuesday, May 25, 2004
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Lizard's tails (tales)

Nelly told me the other day that I seemed to have adjusted to Delhi pretty well... I said 'yea' and I shrugged my beatific smile (I wish! ), even though I was reading a mail and not involved in a one-on-one conversation, because that's the sort of thing I do... and I realised that what Nelly had noticed with regard to a new city and a new job was very much true of me in general. I guess I'm the emotional equivalent of a lizard regrowing it's lost tail.

You don't have to say anything at all: I know it's a horrible analogy!

Lizards and horrible nightmares aside, what are the pros and cons of such an attitude? The pro is quite evident: here I am, loving my new job and quite on the way to liking Delhi too, when most of my friends hate the work they're supposed to be doing, and the city they're living in. I think it's all part of the zero-sum game... and heck, it's not so bad after all, is it?


Sharon elucidated me about the cons some time back, however. I am content... perhaps too content to accept what life gives me and be ecstatic about that. All very well if I plan to be a monk and distribute alms among the poor, but in the absence of such a fantasy, the trait might be a huge handicap for me in life.

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