Friday, May 07, 2004
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My fairy love

Climb a winding stair, my love, and come to the hidden room. Your eyes will open and your breath will quicken and you will grasp the knob with fairy touch. You will stand there at the door for a minute, my love, and long for an eternity. You will whisper to your friends in the dark and they will whisper back. it is your secret, your's and theirs', and it is a beautiful little secret that you have. You will change the world, they say, and you will bring it back from despair. For you have the fairy touch, my love, your touch upon the fairy door.

Open the fairy door, my love, and come inside the hidden room. It was dark without and it is dark within, and your dark friends follow you in. You can laugh, if you want, my love, and giggle and squeal and hold hands in the dark. You can open wide your wide blue eyes and see the world within. Wonders of the world without and wonders of the world within. Dance to the music that springs around and sing to the tune that skips a beat. Clap your hands, my love, with their fairy touch as you espy the fairy box.

Walk across the wooden beams, my love, and turn the clasp of the darkwood box. Filigree of love, hope and joy written across rosewood for you. Furrows of thought and wisdom atop your fairy brow. Do you know how to read this? Do you know how to see this? But you can laugh, o my love, for what do questions answer? That there is a world without and a world within, and realms between to discover.


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