Wednesday, May 05, 2004
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Patel rap(?!)

It was a happy surprise finding music files stored in my computer at the office. I'm listening to Another One Bites The Dust right now - by Queen, I think. Yeah, listening to rock and chatting and checking mail. The sun has set on F&O analysis and oil hikes and market reports and hot stocks and all those other thigs that haunt Sharon at night.

Welcome home Diviya, boss lady is waiting anxiously for you... (cue for sinister chuckle here)....

I've decided that I quite like Delhi... at least, the little I've seen of it so far. Not quite as special as Chennai was, being where I cut my baby tooth (so to say) and first walked down the long and exhilarating road of living by myself. But, yeah, Delhi's not that bad either. If only I can get away from the pillars of Desdemona-like Delhi Metro blocks... I'm not even sure if I got that reference right - that's what happens when you try to speak like an English Lit major when you're not an English Lit major!

I want to go home to Patel Nagar - what a name, Patel Nagar. ;-)


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