Wednesday, May 26, 2004
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Pick a card, any card

When you have a conversation with yourself, do you picture a 'you' and an 'I'? I can picture a little boy in a tiny room, sitting on a stool with his face resting on his knuckles, staring straight ahead at the wall, into the wall, beyond the wall. I might be saying something, and I might be replying back. Arguing, debating, wondering, convincing, asking, searching, seeking, answering millions of inconsequential queries that might save a world or two.

The light overhead in the room has a greenish glow, but none of that matters, really. I'm talking about realising whether or not you are happy, and trying to fly beyond that small green room. Something like Harry Potter, and perhaps that explains JK Rowling's phenomenal success. Millions and trillions of small boys and girls in their tiny green rooms, waiting for their chance to fly. The make-up is done, the cues are ready, take your wings... and jump! As simple as that - no powerbrooms necessary.

Incantations, abracadabra, hocus pocus, power of Grayskull, flying phoenix and leaping unicorn, bat-tailed sphinx with a smile on her face, love potion number 9, gypsy queens:

I need to find my green room.


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