Thursday, May 27, 2004
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Rainy afternoon

love the rain,
happy, glad, grey, dark, splattering, shimmering rain.
makes me word-jump, flip-flop, scream, rush, run, shout.
squirt people
hug people
love people.
love looking out the window,
back home in my bedroom,
spinning intricate yarns with my imagination - induced with fantasy
picture grey mountains, green hills, lightning bolts,
white steeds galloping hard.
race to run, quest to fulfil, dreams to conquer, rains to drench in.
patches of sunlight filtering through grey walls of water
jumping on my toes, darting across my room,
too fast to catch with an eye
or even two.
Out of breath, but not spirit.
water drying up, tearworks stall, drying machine set to 'tumble',
whirling around, as your breath escapes,
grey clouds and I recede from my bedroom window,
back where I started.
reality doesn't bite that hard any more, though.
grey waters and sunny heart.


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