Tuesday, May 18, 2004
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Sentiments vs Sonia

The newsroom is erupting all around me. Literally. Sonia Gandhi has refused to become Prime Minister, for some ungodly reason. I really shouldn't say ungodly - because I happen to be one of 'those' (inverted commas fully necessary, going by the preconceived notions against us endangered species ) who don't think Sonia should become Prime Minister.

Trumpets and drums!
(I sometimes fantasise about owning Jay Leno's band behind me. )

Seems biased, to say the least, and I can hardly explain it to myself. I'm all for globalisation and all, and it's just a sentiment, I guess - a strong sentiment that we shouldn't have an Italian for PM. Talk about sentiments... for the last two days, I've been ridiculing market sentiment that has forced stocks to plummet! And here I am... a slave to sentiment.

By the by... even the markets seemed to be glad of Sonia's decision to step down - Sensex leapt up by more than 160 points after her decsion, in all a 370 point gain today!


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