Monday, May 10, 2004
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What do you say to a reprisal of the old man and the sea?

Imagine the dialogue:
Old man - look, there's the sea. Or: I see the sea!
Sea - congrats, old man.
Old man - look, there's a fish in the sky.
Sea - you're nuts, old man.
Old Man - look, and the bird under water.
Sea - loco.
Old man - look, and a ship gliding past the fish, flying on silver wings.
Sea - hmmm...
Old man - look, and a castle in the air.
Sea - what, in goodness gracious!...
Old man - look, and a golden-haired princess with a golden-tusked rakshas on the ship speeding towards the castle in the air.
Sea - impossible...
Old man - look, and the smile on her radiant face that glitters on his golden tusk.
Sea - improbable...
Old Man - look, and close your eyes.
Sea - clairvoyant.

... because you can't always look with your eyes open.


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