Thursday, June 03, 2004
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Budgeting my dreams

Back to the Budget... and I never stop marveling at the idiosyncracies of this monolith called the Sensex. I've been tracking Chidambaram's visit to Mumbai all day - yes, I'm completely fed up with the man by now! - and all his sobby-sobby, 'full-of-empty-hot-air' promises,... and wonder of wonders: the market tanks!

Frailty, thy name is... Sensex?

Alright, I admit: I'm full of corn, and some 'empty-hot-air' of my own too.

Onto other things then.... hopefully, better things. Delhi has been gorgeous so far. Maybe it's because of the people I meet, may be it's because of the strange new way I feel. There's something subtle about that. Sometimes, I ask myself whether I really am feeling all these strange new emotions I profess to myself... whether they may simply be a manifestation of my longing to feel them.... and then I tell myself, OK! HOLD THE BRAKES ON THIS PSYCH CLASS, ALREADY!!!!!

Let me be content to feel them, even if they are surreal. Let me hope to touch something that I never have... for all i know, I may actually be living that dream of mine. Let me dream in my sleep then... let me smile in my dream.

I have a kooky smile, anyway... so might as well make the most of it!



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