Friday, June 25, 2004
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Ghost in the Circus

They say I'm a ghost in the office - and vested interests seem to have convinced themselves that I amble in lazily to work, flash my boss my Pepsodent Gel smile, listen to Strings on the walkman, sip umpteen cups of coffee, jabber non-stop on the telephone at 3 pm sharp in the afternoon, eat two helpings of birthday cake and try to down as many kebabs as I can... It's another matter altogether that I do all that... ahem, ahem... But I also happen to be... Defender of the Faith... Guardian of the Word... Listener of Secrets... Stenographer Supreme.

Say a word or two about the markets, and watch me take it down at lightning speed... Go ahead, pretty boy - try me!

My spotlight time is over for this entry - and the ringmaster bellows for the next circus freak in line.

And besides, I have to return the rented tuxedo.


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